You are visiting the website of 3d-visualizer and designer Tatiana Kogur

For 8 years, my job profile is:

- 3d-visualization interior

- 3d-visualization exterior

- 3d-visualization of industrial facilities, modeling and animation.

I have a decent background: graduation of Omsk FM Dostoevsky State University ( Culture and Art). Job experience in in design studios and architectural companies assisted to development of creative thinking, increased creativity and improved my professional skills in 3d visualization and design.

I offer you my assistance and services in creating 3d visualization and animation of any complexity. 


                                           Your benefits in working with me
                          1. Short period of time with a high quality, because all work is done on a modern 8-nuclear graphics                                 workstation 
​                          2. You could be assured in the original refined style, because my educational background - art,                                       which  allows to make accents more correct in a professional field as 3d-visualization.


                          3. You can always contact me, because I'm a private 3d-visualizer and my phone is always available                                 compared to companies with a strict timetable

                           4. Work with me is safe in financial terms, because I'm always ready for a personal meeting to                                          discuss the details 3d render (Moscow and Moscow Region) and I’m ready to sign a contract for                                        services (3d rendering, visualization of the interior and other services).  

                          5. Reasonable prices, because my expenses are lower than those of competitors, who need to pay rent,                             salaries for employees, etc. 


I have a trusted reputation of cooperation with next companies: ChemRar (Khimki city), BFK "Northern" (Dolgoprudny city ), Mall "Gardener", Renault company, Volgograd International Airport, Kaluga oil-refining plant and others. 


     3d-visualization, which I am ready to create for you will be original and will fit with the most modern requirements and will show the best correlation with your budget.