Determination of fixed cost of services in 3D-visualization is difficult because calculation depends on specification and detailed information about object. The price will be individual in each case

The approximate cost of visualization:​ 


                                     Interior - $40 per sq.meter (the number of final views is discussing individually)

                                     Exterior $700 per scene (the scene is usually visualized in 3 views from 3 directions).




                                   the cost of animation consists of modeling, animation and final rendering. Each stage is unique therefore I                                        can only calculate the approximate cost. The animation's cost starts from 100$/sec. If you need to create                                          soundtracks or flash-movies - it is possible.​


3d-modeling:               cost of modeling depends on specification of model, quantity of elements, quality (size in pixels) of total                                              views.  Average cost starts from the $30 /model.



Terms of Payment

                                  40% prepayment (advance); 60% you have to pay when all work will be completed (final render in high                                              quality). In the case of long-term project payment terms negotiated individually.


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